Rezz Drops Spellbinding Bass Single, ‘Suffer In Silence’

Rising from the underground bass scene in Canada, Rezz has become a lethal player in today’s world of electronic music. She continues to push the limits of traditional auditory and visual mediums with her signature hypnotic style of production. Now, Rezz is back to once again put listeners in a trance with her haunting bass-fueled single, “Suffer In Silence”.

Opening with a spooky high-pitched melody, Rezz suddenly throws a mesmerizing grimy bassline into the mix. As her audience loses more and more control over their reality, this innovative producer executes a drop that is sure to incite utter chaos. No words are needed, due to the fact that “Suffer In Silence” is overflowing with unprecedented soundscapes that are capable of taking crowds on a hell-ish yet thrilling adventure.

Sparked by Rezz’s struggles with insomnia, “Suffer In Silence” radiates an aura that turns any normal night into Halloween. Released on her recently launched imprint, HypnoVizion Records, the track is joined by a visualizer that embodies psychedelic images in blood red and grey. This is clearly the beginning of another killer festival season from Rezz as she prepares for her Ultra Music Festival headlining debut.




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