'Rich Bitch' is the Latest Club Release from Saver vs Moinè


Italian artists and friends Saver and Moinè have come back together for another collaboration. This time it’s for ‘Rich Bitch‘ and is out on massive Italian label; EGO. This track is such a catchy club release, it’s really going to be different to get the lyrics out of your head!

‘Rich Bitch‘ infuses multiple different styles, theres Arabian sounds, Brazilian sounds, trap components, as well as those catchy vocals throughout the instrumental.

The latest EGO release has had much success so far and it’s not actually out yet! So far, theres been an EDM Sauce premier, plenty of blogs have picked it up (including us) as well as multiple significant youtube channels - this exposure pre-release is a recipe for a very successful track that’ll gather up a significant amount of plays.

*EDIT: A release date has been finalised! We can expect ‘Rich Bitch‘ out January 4th


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