Rich Furniss Captures Pure House Feeling With Single ‘Catch A Vibe’

Rich Furniss brings house back to it’s purist form with this release of “Catch A Vibe.” From the vocal to the throw back beat and the mixing and mastering, all the parts are in harmony with this release. This isn’t the first time that L’Marco and Rich Furniss have collaborated. The dynamic duo first tackled “Summertime,” together several weeks back, once again nailing a soulful house spirit that showers the listener in a plethora of four on the floor beats and a seductive topline.

This release is club-ready from all angles. The beat is easy to get into and impresses with it’s surprising brass blasts and funky basslines. There’s a ton of house music that is out there, but Rich Furniss and L’Marco together find a way to rise above the flood and make stand out productions that are easy to return to.

Rich Furniss, from all accounts, is a life-long music lover and prefers to be in the weeds when it comes to music projects and industry events. Since pursuing a music career, he has performed alongside and worked with names such as Diplo, Rick Ross and Chromeo. Performing brand-name events like Mayhem Fest, Oddball Comedy Tour, Safe & Sound SXSW, and Governor’s Ball begins to tell the tale of where this solo DJ/producer has been and where he is going.

His tens of thousands of monthly listeners and 100K total streams, all within the first year of the project, speaks volumes about this young talent. “Catch A Vibe,” is one part of a greater journey that Rich Furniss is on.




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