Rich Furniss & Proper Villains’ ‘Club Weapons Vol 1. Remix Pack’ The Perfect Ammo On-Point Club Mixes

Rich Furniss and Proper Villains’ has cooked up 3 remixes of popular songs and fashioned them into a club-ready pack not for the faint of heart. The title itself hinting at more to come, Club Weapons Vol 1. Remix Pack is a bouncy, energized vibe that gives the greater live performing community exactly what they need.

A remix of Future’s “Mask Off,” turns the mood on. A well-fashioned infusion of house mechanics infests the the hit song, converting it into something different, yet exceptional. The remix is a collaboration from both artists on one tune.

“POP DROP work it,” shows off Proper Villains on his own. Not a modern mainstream hit, but a classic none the less, Proper Villains adds some lively flavor into the mix. Bright and sunny, but also connected with the dichotomy of a hip-hop shell, two worlds are brought together in an organic manner.

Last of the 3 on this pack is Rich Furniss’s solo moment with his edit of “Pepas,” by Farruko. The production of the remix caters to what the vocal is putting out there, adding a high-class deep house energy to it topped off with a bit of echo effects to give the atmosphere a spiritual feel. There’s a bit of an anthemic feeling on this one, making it brilliant closer to a worthwhile experience.




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