RIOT’s “IN CASE OF FIRE” EP Has Massive Implications Attached To It

Israeli-born and raised DJ duo RIOT, Tom Davidson and Daniel Magid, recently relocated to Los Angeles, CA to bring their mix of progressive melodies and heavy bass lines to the music capital of the world! Their style mixes two extremes of electronic music which energizes their fanbase to make an immediate impression and memory that can last a lifetime. Tom Davidson and Daniel Magid are expanding their brand as they strive to establish themselves as one of the most dynamic and thrilling artists in dance music as they mark the duo’s ten-year anniversary.

“During Covid, we hit a point where we felt exhausted creatively. We felt that something needed to change. We went on a quest to explore new avenues and sounds. We owed it to ourselves and to our fans. Something about the hybrid of Hip-Hop and Dubstep just felt right. That’s how this EP was born. It’s groovy and super fun for us both to produce and listen to. It’s different from anything we put out before and we’re excited to see how the fans will react to it!”RIOT

Featuring a mirage of skull-shattering bass, RIOT push speakers to their limits on the “IN CASE OF FIRE” EP. Infused with undeniable energy, each track on the 3-track project explodes with pulsating soundscapes. As layers of animated synths whir and basslines pound, RIOT invites all to join them as they celebrate the past 10 years and look forward to reigning supreme across the dance music empire.





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