Rising Sensation Sonn releases ‘Rumours’

Get lost in sentimental resonance on the release of Sonn’s “Rumours”. The British act has climbed the ranks of the indie electronic realm where he’s scored highly successful tracks with “Choke” and “Lights Out“. He also gained praise and recognition for his collaborative EP with the Grammy-nominated ford. and Hanz, which was released on ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective. What has shaped from these releases is a youthful artist with an unmistakable vision and the ability to ideate at a level of brilliance seen from the boundless cavaliers that define culture for years to come. He may not have the recognition yet, but with the release of “Rumours”, he soon will find his name neighboring those he draws inspiration from.

Sonn is only twenty-one years of age and for most, that age brought uncertainties and dreams that could only be understood with further maturation. Despite his youth, he has already accumulated over 25million streams and is poised for a brilliant career defined by intimate expression and storytelling. These elements become obvious with a single listen of “Choke” or “Lights Out” or the other works he has released. Within those, He creates an atmosphere of melancholy dancing hand-in-hand with hope like he’s expressing the confluence of feelings that define the coming-of-age years. It’s honest and raw storytelling that connects with listeners at a metaphysical level, which will build an extraordinary career.

His return brings us “Rumours”, a record that follows similar electricity of sentiment found in his past work. The release is through Independent, the label formerly known as Indie Pop, and delivers vocals from Lontalius. Sonn’s production work is nothing short of exemplary. Similar to his previous records, there is a mosaic of emotion characterized by poignancy and buoyant hope that culminates in a serene sonic blanket. Out from the enveloping sound, comes Lontalius’s voice where it seems he sings the exact thoughts that swirl in your mind as you listen. It’s breathtaking art from the duo.

To better understand “Rumours”, Sonn had this to say:

“My debut EP “Something Safe” is about finding myself and realising the sound that i have been working toward for so long. All of the ideas were conceived when iI was living in London and then i fleshed them out when it took a year out of uni to work on music in Penang, Malaysia. “Rumours” , the first single, is a song about moving on and having a fresh start. It’s really special to me as it represents where I was at mentally whilst writing the EP. I grew up playing drums, guitar and piano and I’ve always included them in my music, however this time they really take the forefront in a more reimagined way.”

“Rumours” is a record that has inexhaustible emotive qualities that will serve has connective points, attracting anyone that listens to its adventure. It’s another fantastic record from Sonn who continues to astonish, setting the scene for more brilliance to shine through. To stream “Rumours”, scroll down or follow the link here.

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