Riton & Alex Metric launch Collaborative Project KUU with Debut Single, How Could I Ever

Press play and let the technicolor of sound rush over to envelope the body in an emotive foil that warps its warmth and sanguine-spirit around those who dare to partake. It is at this convergence and exploration of melancholy and hope, backed by captivating jubilant production that unveils a beautiful debut from KUU, the collaborative project from Riton and Alex Metric. “How Could I Ever” features the vocals of Shungudzo and comes from Diplo’s Higher Ground, blessing us with a shimmering gem that will be on repeat for many.

With nearly two decades of experience, Riton and Alex Metric are rightfully deserving of our attention and praise for their incendiary work that has defined the currents of dance music and pop music. Riton helped to unlock the craze of House-styled dance tunes when he succeeded with “Rinse & Repeat”, the Grammy-nominated record that features and launched the career of Kah-Lo, as well as, the subsequent collaborations between the two that includes the album Foreign Ororo. Riton also scored massive success with “Turn Me On”, his collaboration with Oliver Heldens and Vula, which give the trio their first US Dance #1 and their biggest streaming success.

His partner in KUU, Alex Metric has also been at the forefront of inventive House, club, and underground sounds, even before it became the preeminent dance style that it is today. This can be felt and heard through his genius originals that include his Ammunition EP series that was picked up by Skrillex’s OWSLA and the Ministry of Sound backed, “Safe With You”. Metric has also been entrusted to remix a star-studded cast of artists that include Daft Punk, Foals, N.E.R.D, Phoenix, Gorillaz, and Bloc Party. His production work is almost as impressive with work for Avicii, Charli XCX, Snow Patrol, and the Scissor Sisters.

The duo’s influence came to a head when both acts received Grammys for their work on the sensation that was “Electricity” from Diplo and Mark Ronson’s Silk City and the femme fatale, Dua Lipa. Their work reverberated through the music world and has had a far-reaching cultural impact. It’s no mistake that we’re still hearing similar sounds and production design in today’s pop and dance.

With KUU, two insane talents come together and birth brilliance that illuminates the essence of dance music and what it means to be a producer. Too often acts chase after the “it sound” like the big drops of the EDM Boom. What KUU proves is that true genius does shine through the derivative algorithms that proliferate the streaming landscape. Simply, “How Could I Ever” unleashes a timeless sound that is lost or hidden by the digital gatekeepers.

KUU’s debut is an excellent start for a new project. The sounds are rich and textured with profound extravaganza. The beat has a hedonistic swell and drive that radiate shivers of electricity. These elements serve as the perfect playground for Shungudzo’s enthralling vocals that carry bites of pain, melancholy, and hope to the soul of listeners. All of these sonic waves construct a truly great record of passion and feeling that is rarely felt through the disconnectivity of the digital streaming world.

Alex Metric and Riton’s KUU brings exciting promise. If each record carries the same fervor as “How Could I Ever”, then we are in for some of the best music to grace the airwaves in ages. It’s time to be excited. Two talented geniuses are here to tantalize.

To stream “How Could I Ever”, follow the link here or scroll down. For more information on upcoming KUU records, keep an eye on CULTR.




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