RL Grime Fuses His Talent With Juelz On “Formula”

The electronic music community is simply buzzing right now. As RL Grime continues to show us why he’s deemed one of the most lucrative producers around, the amazement lives on with his newest single “Formula.” Partnering with quickly-emerging producer Juelz, the young talent makes his debut on Grime’s Sable Valley imprint. Though, making a cameo on the label for the first time, we can guarantee that it won’t be the last time either.

The purpose and goal of Sable Valley is to help elevate the undiscovered talent that is oozing with creativity. Delivering exceptional tracks from Jackal, JAWNS, Isoxo, Jon Casey, and more; Juelz now joins a very exclusive list that says a lot about his potential going forward.

I mean, what better way to grab the attention of the masses than a collaboration with RL Grime himself? Grime has proven that he is an incredible tastemaker and this time he’s simply outdone himself by fusing his creative genius to create a melodic fireball of a record.





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