RMA Teams Up With Fatman Scoop for 'Lick U'

Annotation 2019-01-19 211213.jpg

RMA is back with another solid production, the track ‘Lick U‘ features vocals from New York based Hip-Hop producer and rapper Fatman Scoop and has been released on Sirup Music. Located in Switzerland, Sirup Music is one of the biggest independent dance labels in the region - outputting quality releases just like this one.

‘Lick U‘ packs a lot of energy from start to finish. Fatman Scoop’s vocals provide that extra punch that’ll definitely pump you up. This track would really go crazy at a festival - plenty of people will be jumping!

RMA adds another explosive track to his ever growing catalog, with releases on Axtone, Pyro and now Sirup Music - RMA is expanding both rapidly and consistently.

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