Renowned DJ Robin Schulz Unveils Latest Sensational Single ‘Killer Queen’

German DJ and producer Robin Schulz recently graced the stage at Windsor Castle for the Coronation concert, a regal event celebrating King Charles. Alongside Take That and Calum Scott, Schulz delivered a mesmerizing performance that moved audiences worldwide through the BBC television broadcast.

Known for his talent in reworking songs, Schulz is preparing to release his latest track, “Killer Queen,” a revamped version of FIL BO RIVA’s 2016 hit. RIVA’s soulful vocals in the original made a lasting impression and marked his breakthrough in the music industry.

Schulz’s rework maintains his signature Deep House style while injecting a slightly faster tempo, gritty undertones, and an irresistible combination of driving beats and yearning guitar.

Anticipation is building as “Killer Queen” is predicted to dominate dancefloors in the months ahead, including at Schulz’s upcoming appearances at renowned festivals like Tomorrowland, Sputnik Springbreak, Echelon Festival, Glücksgefühle, FM4 Frequency, and Tecate Pa’l Norte. The song is expected to ignite a frenzy of energy and excitement among festival-goers.

With the lyrics “It’s alright if you’re my lady, you’re a killer queen. I don’t mind you make me crazy,” FIL BO RIVA’s harmonious vocals intertwine seamlessly with Schulz’s reimagined soundscape, creating a truly intoxicating musical experience.




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