Nicky Romero Releases Teamworx Collab And Splice Sample Pack

Nicky Romero has teamed up frequent Protocol artists Teamworx. Nicky Romero did say that Teamworx was an up and coming duo that he was keeping an eye out for. Romero has really evolved his sound the past 12 months and this is a prime example of that. From his main room track with Guetta, to a more commercial sound with Olivia Holt – Nicky Romero has been delivering quality lately.

‘Deep Dark Jungle‘, as the name suggests is a gritty dark psy-trance inspired track. It is really going to make an impact when dropped at a festival. This is Nicky Romero and Teamworx second collab, last time was ‘Champion Sound‘. Comparing the two you can see how both artists have evolved.

With tracks like ‘Trap Like‘, ‘Clap Back‘ and ‘Never Stop‘ on Size, Israeli duo Teamworx are starting to make an impression on the dance music scene. When you see their names on a track you know it’s going to pack a punch.

Additionally, Nicky Romero just released a killer sample pack on Splice consisting of over 250 sounds! He is really killing it at the moment!

Nicky Romero on the Splice pack:

“If you think about it, it became such an important element in production to have the right samples. And having the right samples, quality wise, is also going to bring up the quality of the entire production. The better the samples are, the easier it is to mix. In this sample back, I tried to bring a few kick drums that can be used in any production. I tried to make it as easy as possible for people–and as accessible as possible. It’s like take-away pizza. *Laughs* Kind of. You kind of want to have good food that tastes good and you want to have it right now, and not wait too long, you know? When you’re in the production, sometimes you just feel like ‘I need to have the right kick drum’ but you don’t want to spend hours on creating the right kick drum before then you lose the momentum of the song. Therefore, I have a couple kick drums that work in almost every setting, that work with almost every BPM. This sample pack is gonna allow you to make quick decisions, to work more on music and less on the technical aspect of every single sound. Less clutter, more clarity.”  






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