Roswell Drops Electrifying Single ‘Without U’

Very rarely does an artist come around that shows no allegiance to one specific genre. Roswell is that artist of this generation; he cannot be categorized by genre yet he incorporates elements from all over the auditory spectrum in his music. This groundbreaking musician has coined an innovative sound that shares similarities to alternative music and pivotal artists like Jen Dawson, Kenny Mason, and Dominick Fike.

Already having released multiple albums since his debut EP “Hostel” in 2020, Roswell’s newest project is his hypnotic single “Without U”. This track embodies Roswell’s invigorating vocals that display his passion and aggression, infecting listeners with its authenticity. Throughout the modern anthem, guitar progressions and riveting synths build an energy that can be found nowhere else.

Talking about the creative process of “Without U”, Roswell says, “it was the end of my studio session and there was one track left. I happened to have lyrics for another song that I just couldn’t seem to finish. When I went to record I opened the wrong notes but still went for it. All of a sudden a completely new product was formed.” The story behind this single showcases Roswell’s raw and imaginative approach to music. In its entirety, “Without U” is a thrilling journey into Roswell’s signature genre-defying style.

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