Row Releases ‘Good Moments’ On Selected Alongside Usually Quiet and Jimini

Row clearly knows the strings to pull and the music to make to generate that harmony between what he wants to do as an artist and the audience he needs to reach to be successful. All signs point to him eclectically fusing these important elements together, his release “Good Moments,” being propelled down the pathway in which he has built. “Good Moments,” is signed to well-known and prominent label Selected, which couldn’t be a more fitting home for the talent, all things considered. Row combined his talents with that of Usually Quiet and Jimini to create the charming product we see before us – listening back to the styles of the other three acts, everything points to this being a well-balance blend of what all three have to offer.

“Good Moments,” follows up the highly successful debut that is “I Can’t See.” The track has hit 8 million streams and still continues to go up – speaking volumes about Row and what he is capable of.

The man is coming hot out of the gate and shows plenty of promise, both “Good Moments,” and “I Can’t See,’ back up these notions to a tee.

Keep an out on what this guy does next – he’s making moves and doing them quick.




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