RRILEY Recruits Ramengvrl For ‘mmm bye’ Remix

Following the release of her empowering sophomore single, Singaporean pop sensation RRILEY has today released an infectious a remix of her 2019 single ‘mmm bye’ featuring rising Indonesian hip hop talent Ramengvrl!

In line with their reputations, the trailblazing women demonstrate a fearless statement for self-love and confidence via the ‘mmm bye’ remix. With punchy lines and witty wordplay, the addition of the new verse juices it up with a new layer of sass and spirit. Ramengvrl’s signature explosive energy puts a captivating new twist on the track with an unapologetic swagger that perfectly highlights RRILEY’s original message.

Talking on the collaboration, “When I met RRILEY, there was such a contagious and positive vibe to her, and I fully support her message in ‘mmm bye’ on so many levels because that’s happened to me too,” Ramengvrl states. “People always put you into a box, and truth be told: it’s not benefitting anyone. So when someone tries to tell you what you can or cannot do, ‘mmm bye’ is the attitude.”

Breaking away from negativity is difficult, but Ramengvrl takes a lighthearted approach towards self-development with lyrics like “I was a fool before but I’m a new me / Now attitude like, ‘Hi, nice to meet me.’” With their impassioned lyrics from the heart, RRILEY and Ramengvrl come together to show everyone that women supporting each other is empowering and liberating. By joining forces, the pair amplifies their voices to remind us that we have to love ourselves before we can become our best.

Reflecting on this collaboration, RRILEY says, “For this ‘mmm bye’ remix, I wanted to collaborate with a badass female rapper, and I thought Ramengvrl would be perfect for it. I first met Ramengvrl on a regional Nike trip and I love her unapologetic attitude and sass in her music and as an artist. ‘mmm bye’ is about moving on from people that don’t serve you anymore because your own positive energy is precious, and it shouldn’t be wasted on people that don’t deserve it. Ramengvrl killed it with her verse and I can’t wait to do more with her.”

Listen to the mmm bye remix via Sony below




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