Rubayne Brightens The Day With “My Time”

Although initially beginning his career producing dance music, Rubayne soon wanted to widen his artistic dream and started creating electronic music that fit his vibe perfectly: Positive, Encouraging, Energetic and Fantastic. Those four terms are associated of Rubayne and his work, aiming to have a good impact on those wanting such music and resources.

Rubayne, rising Dutch artist, taps Atlanta rapper Cam James and versatile New England vocalist Danny Bowens for a cross-genre, summer smash to his first release this year. “My Time” is impossible to forget, opening the lush production of Rubayne with a fiery lyric from Cam James on it.

“My Time” is a song created for being on the road with friends, having a pool party, enjoying the summer air, or whenever it’s your time to shine.” – Rubayne






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