Rubayne Brings Positivity And Impact On New Track: “I’m Ready” (Feat. Bea Go)

The first thing you feel when the song starts is a burst of energy, and that’s exactly what Rubayne and Bea Go wanted to provide for you with this track. This piece of Urban Bass is not only energetic, it will also give you the burst of confidence to and make you feel like you can do anything you need to.

It’s definitely the track to play when you want to have a little pick-me-up dance session, when you want to give your best at the gym, or even if your desk job is getting you down at any given moment of the day. 

The track just dropped last Friday and it’s a favourite and one of those positive songs that will inspire you, not just to give your best, but also to move on and let go of the things weighing you down. Above all, to be strong and not let the world discourage you or make you feel like you can’t reach your goals. 

The lovely voice of Bea Go delivers this message effortlessly while Rubayne delivers an incredibly catchy and lively beat that will keep you moving and get you through those daily rough patches. 

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