Running Touch Releases Debut Album ‘Carmine’

With Running Touch’s debut album Carmine, the Melbourne talent showcases his ability to incorporate percussive elements with electronic components.

Carmine is the title of the long-awaited 13-track debut album by Running Touch — an LP that establishes the much-adored songwriter, producer and vocalist as a world-class storyteller, a fearless innovator, and a master of atmosphere second to none in Australian electronic music. 

“Every show, song, release, life event dictates what’s being written next,” Running Touch says. “It all adds up to create what you think the right body of work is at a point in time — this is the culmination of a lot of thought processes for this particular project.”

Included in the LP are Running Touch singles that have already seen a great deal of success, especially ‘My Hands’. Running Touch has evolved beyond dance music, taking things back to their roots with elements of jazz, indie and pop.

“I didn’t want everything to just be rooted in dance music,” Running Touch says, “So choices that feel more pop or indie felt more representative of me as a producer.”

Photo: Tim Lambert




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