Ruth B. and Jaydon Lewis Radiate Stardom On The Silky Rework Of 'Rare'

Ruth B. introduced herself to the world in stellar fashion with the viral hit “Lost Boy,” and just this last month she returned to the spotlight with her EP “Maybe I’ll Find You Again,” out on Columbia Records. The alluring chanteuse has a sweet, smoky voice that strikes a delicate, compelling balance between confessional vulnerability and self-assured poise. The lead single off the EP, “Rare,” is an exceptional showcase of her ability and authenticity.

And now, this pop hit has undergone an astonishing metamorphosis, thanks to South African prodigy Jaydon Lewis. What was originally a dreamy delicacy emerges from Jaydon’s production cocoon as a sultry groove, fully-formed and ready to drive your late-night vibes.

For those unaware, Jaydon is an 18 year-old from Cape Town. He has been making quite the name for himself with his originals, ‘Rise’ and ‘Runaway’, as well as his many remixes on YouTube. His iPhone Ringtone remix has also managed to be a minor viral hit.

Jaydon usually spins his remixes with a spicy trap bite. To this track, however, he brings a refreshing maturity previously unseen from the young producer. Jaydon remixed “Rare” with an elegance and refinement that underscores that of the original, while elevating it to new energies. True to its name, this remix is a real gem in his discography.

Ruth B. and Jaydon Lewis are definitely both ones to watch for the remainder of 2019. These young and promising artists simply radiate a talent and star-power that shines through the oversaturated music space.

Be sure to listen to Jaydon’s Rare remix and Ruth B.’s “Maybe I’ll Find You Again”. Your ears will thank you.