RYLLZ And Bella Renee Team Up For Hypnotic Single ‘Nemesis Pt. II’

When it comes to separating from the norm, 18-year-old producer Ryan Scully is an expert. This talented young artist debuted his project known as RYLLZ back in 2017 and has since crafted his distinct sound into what it is today. Based out of Roermond, The Netherlands, RYLLZ broke out onto the scene with his breakout release “Nemesis”. This anthem was globally recognized, receiving almost a billion collective views and streams across social media and audio platforms.

Fellow singer/songwriter Bella Renee has a large dedicated fanbase as well. By intertwining elements of electronic, indie, and other invigorating genres, Bella has grown her amassed 7.5 million streams on Spotify alone, since the launch of her music career. Via her infectious stage presence, heavenly vocals, and mixing abilities, Renee has performed at monumental festivals, such as EDC Las Vegas, Beyond Wonderland, Goldrush, and more. On top of that, Bella has released her work on the likes of Nightbass, Bassrush, and Monstercat, all of which are prominent labels in the electronic space.

Sharing similar artistic visions, the two esteemed artists have collabed for their new single “Nemesis Pt. II”. The pivotal track reimagines RYLLZ’s original “Nemesis”. Talking about the process behind the new release, RYLLZ says, “I felt like I had to give back in a way, as looking back on it 4 years later there’s a lot of things that could be done better from a producer’s perspective. So I started rebuilding the instrumental, honoring the original sound, but done the way I’d do it today. I hit up Bella Renee after hearing her on Reaper’s “IMY”, and she loved the idea! We got to work together right away, and after countless hours of work, I’m finally happy to present to you, the 2022 version of ‘Nemesis.’”

Through its mesmerizing infusion of heavy futuristic bass, trap drums, and captivating vocals, “Nemesis Pt. II” is the optimal sequel to RYLLZ’s initial masterpiece.

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