RL Grime’s Trap Label Releases Debut Compilation, ‘Sable Valley Summer Vol. 1’

Controversy is often abound in the EDM world, but there are very few who would debate RL Grime’s status as the de facto trap god. Rising up to the challenge of meeting this title, RL Grime took to launching his own label last year, focusing on the myriad sounds that find a place in the genre of trap. Titled ‘Sable Valley’, it was incredibly well-received by fans as a one-stop destination for the best in trap, as well as for attracting new talent, the likes of which are ubiquitous as ever on Sable Valley’s latest release. Heavily anticipated following a banging teaser mix, the first-ever Sable Valley compilation is finally available for your listening pleasure. Featuring 15 songs from label stalwarts and up-and-coming future stars, ‘Sable Valley Summer Vol. 1’ comprehensively explores the raw and melodic domains of trap.

Other than the previously-teased Whethan collaboration with ‘Outta Here’ and an edit of Baauer’s ‘Swoopin’, RL Grime largely takes the backseat in the mix, allowing for established names like Cozway, Holly and Heimanu display their incredible sound design, and for newcomers including Carpainter, Jon Casey, Lemay, and more to make a name for themselves in the trap scene. This is also one of those mixes that need to be listened to from top to bottom, as the vibe shifts from a darker raw and gritty sound to a much more melodically-influenced soundscape that dominates the last few songs.

Thrusting the sounds of trap into the mainstream, RL Grime showcases his production as well as curation talent on Sable Valley Vol. 1. Sable Valley is clearly the trap label we didn’t know we needed.




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