Sam Feldt Interview: Biggest Track, Working With Jeremy Renner & More

‘Uplifting’ is the word that best describes Dutch DJ, producer and entrepreneurial spirit, Sam Feldt. Having built a career upon his distinctly feel-good sound, Sam now has his sights set firmly on the future, working on his own platforms for a more social and sustainable dance music industry. We spoke to Sam while he’s touring in Australia at the moment.

You recently launched the Heartfeldt Foundation. Tell us a bit about that.

I launched the Foundation at Amsterdam Dance Event in October, specifically at ADE Green where they’re all about sustainability. The Heartfelt Foundation is a new platform that aims to combine the reach of a lot of different influencers to create awareness around sustainability issues. For example, if I post to Facebook or Instagram, “Let’s not use plastic straws this weekend”, maybe a couple hundred thousand people would see it and of those people, maybe ten thousand people would not do it. But what if I have 100 influencers all with one million followers? If they all do it at the same time, you can really make an impact. I think a big part of the music industry is looking into sustainability, but not so much the artists. A lot of the artists might not care, or they don’t know about the issues at hand and I just want to create an easy way (because artists are a bit lazy let’s be honest) for people to get on board. So, we give them a list of ten easy things you can do right now to reduce your impact by 80%. When you make it like that and provide bite sized education and facts, I think that works for both fans and the artists to get everybody on the same page.

You speak a lot at panels, like during Amsterdam Dance Event and the World Music Conference. Why do you choose to do this?

I’ve spoken before at the Amsterdam Dance Event, one of the panels was about plastic and one was about using your reach to impact positively. This year I’ll also speak at the WMC in Miami. Because I’m working on my foundation, I find it important to share my knowledge.

The biggest Sam Feldt release, on Spotify at least, is the EDX remix of ‘Show Me Love’.  Can we expect any new EDX remixes?

I’m not sure actually, maybe a collab? We are good friends, me and Maurizio (EDX). He really helped bring the song to the mainstream audience because my song grew big on radio but you always need support in the clubs too. The original isn’t really a club friendly track.  It’s a slow, down tempo, 115 bpm tropical house song which is great for radio but not for the clubs. He did a great job making it ‘clubby’.

Of course, you’re a DJ/Producer, however you have other projects. Tell us about ‘Always Bright’

With Always Bright it’s a funny story.  I’m doing this with two other guys. One of them I met about two years ago in Vegas, we were both at a party and the anti-hangover product market is pretty big over there. They have the IV where they come to your hotel and you’ll have to pay €300. I was curious as we have a big party scene in Amsterdam and lots of hangovers there, why hasn’t anyone come up with a product based in The Netherlands? I actually tested it this morning, it is not a miracle product, but it has all the vitamins, minerals and supplements your body needs after a night of drinking and it supports the natural function of your body.

You put out a track together with Jeremy Renner last year. What was it like to work with him?

I initially didn’t know he was an artist, just that he was an actor. But my publisher actually came to me to say that he wanted to do something with me. I wasn’t sure what he could do, maybe he could sing. Anyway, I was in the studio in LA and he sent me the vocals and I was surprised by his quality, he’s actually a really good singer! The whole collaboration was done over the internet, I met him in Vegas for the first time when we performed it. Then we became friends, I actually saw him the other day in Bali.

Do you have any goals for 2019?

I hope to have an EP out soon, as well as to be fully back into touring. And so far, that’s going great with my current tour in Australia and an USA tour coming up in March.

Catch Sam in Australia these coming weeks. All tour dates below:

Feb-7                      The Emerson, Melbourne, AU
Feb-8                     Geisha Bar, Perth, AU
Feb-9                     The Bottom End, Melbourne, AU
Feb-13                    Newcastle Hotel, Newcastle, AU
Feb-15                    Eatons Hill Hotel, Brisbane, AU
Feb-16                    Marquee Sydney, Pyrmont, AU
Feb-17                    Gilligan’s Backpacker Hotel and Resort, Cairns, AU

Sam Feldt’s latest single ‘Gold‘ together with Kate Ryan is out now on Spinnin’


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