San Holo Combines EDM and Nostalgia In His Debut Album ‘album1’

The talented musician San Holo debuted his album entitled album1 on September 21, where it quickly climbed to the top of the iTunes charts in North America.

The guitarist extraordinaire combines his affluent productions skills in his newest musical creation wherein real instruments are used to his liking in collaboration with artists including Sofie Winterson, Bipolar Sunshine, Duskis, and The Nicholas.

The album begins with ‘everything matters (when it comes to you)’, a beautiful and nostalgic like sound where the soft atmospheric vocals chant throughout the song, and Holo’s underlying guitar riffs weave the track as it leads up to its heavy trap snare inspired breakdown.

The energetic boost of the album include ‘lift me from the ground’, a high hitting euphoric track that features Sofie Winterson’s vocals; guitar and heavy synths are beautifully utilized. A spacey EDM feeling track is ‘brighter days’, an uplifting and energetic track of the album; the pulsating song features artist Bipolar Sunshine, emotional lyrics and again revisits the nostalgic sounds of analog and reverb on this feel-good tune.

The album1 tracks are a wonder to listen to and take you on a musical journey with gifted use of guitar melodies (his specialty), Holo’s remastering of the familiar but his take on trap sounds, and his uplifting, energetic music.

He is set to start touring October 31st in North America where he will premiere the sounds of his album on stage; including instruments and track collaborators; in what he hopes to be the new norm, live musical creation.



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