San Holo Joins Forces With Lizzy Land For Euphoric ‘Don’t Look Down’

San Holo, a Dutch producer, artist, and advocate for mental health, has released a new emotional single titled “DON’T LOOK DOWN” through Helix Records. The track is a blend of sad and uplifting emotions, and holds close to San Holo’s signature sound, with a focus on both epic and intimate elements.

The tracks started as a RL Grime collaboration, but Lizzy Land took the reigns and helped turn the track to gold. The single strikes a balance between both artists styles and is bursting with plenty of memorable moments.

San Holo isn’t one to let things release without putting his all into it, “Don’t Look Down,” symbolizes this and is a great addition to the San Holo journey that is years in the making.

“DON’T LOOK DOWN is here to remind you that your doubts and negative thoughts are just like clouds passing by. We easily get caught up in the noise of everyday life, myself included. I hope this song can help you keep your head up, and give you the strength to keep going! This song means so much to me and was written from the heart!”
-San Holo




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