San Pacho, Pioneer of Latin House, Makes Waves in EDM Circuit with Infectious Single ‘Beat Go Bump’

San Pacho is a Croatian artist who has helped pioneer the subgenre of Latin house in the house and dance music circuit. Now, he has teamed up with Mike & Me on their new single, “Beat Go Bump,” released on Matroda’s label, Terminal Underground.

“Beat Go Bump” features infectious layers of percussion, funky vocal samples, and electrifying sequences of bass drums, snares, bongos and everything in between. The song incorporates hype buildups, thrilling drops, and groovy effects to create a jungle-like atmosphere.

San Pacho has been making a name for himself in the tech house scene, with support from artists like Tchami, Chris Lake, and DJ SNAKE. His notable hits include “La Pasion” with Matroda, “Pieces Of Me,” and “Pride” released on deadmau5’s hau5trap imprint.

Pacho’s Mixtape “The Vault” received attention for his high-octane unreleased music. He has surpassed 20 million streams on Spotify and has over 900K monthly listeners. San Pacho’s success has made him a symbol of hope and inspiration for young artists, promoting the “Unlock Yourself” mindset.

He is set to embark on his debut tour in November, which is far from his first – look out for the announcement drop via his social media and be apart of a fun and unique movement via San Pacho.

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