Sander W. And Michael Angelo Team Up For Feel-Good Anthem “Last Night a DJ Saved My Life”

Sandwe W crop.png

Ever hear a track that immediately captures your imagination and seems to awaken something within you?  Talented Belgian producer Sander W. and deep-house wonder kid Michael Angelo have created one of those tracks.

Their new collaboration, “Last Night a DJ Saved My Life”, perfectly captures feel-good house vibes from the start. The track differentiates itself from others in its genre with its creative use of live instruments, enhanced with stunning vocals and a tight mix-down.  The production’s unique arrangement and instrumentation is a breath of fresh air in an industry crowded with tracks that sound the same.

In the end, music should be about sending a message, conveying an emotion.  “Last Night a DJ Saved My Life” does this marvelously.  From start to finish, it radiates positivity and happiness.

For Sander W. and Michael Angelo, this release sends a message: they are ready to take the scene to a new level.  With more than 900.000 monthly listeners combined on Spotify alone, it’s pretty clear that these two up-and-coming talents are destined for greatness in the world of electronic dance music.

Make sure to give this track a listen and save it to your favorite streaming platform! Check it out below: