Sangarang & KRIMETZ Team Up For ‘Spacekids’ EP

Billy Sang aka Sangarang joins forces with fellow American KRIMETZ who provided perfect vocals for Sangarang’s excellent instrumental productions. The EP includes four tracks, each with KRIMETZ vocals.

The first track; ‘Gonna Break‘ has a unique but familiar feel to it, a track that takes whats good with current dance music but adds a level of originality to it. KRIMETZ vocals are really catchy on this, with awesome vocal chops throughout the drops. ‘What Are We Doing’ sounds very much like an old school Flume record; which is a good thing! Dope vocals once again from KRIMETZ. ‘Obsessed‘ may sound familiar, it has a lot of similarities with Whats So Not’s latest music. ‘Too Late‘ is the chiller of the tracks, a much calmer record to conclude the EP.

Stream the EP that was released on Last Picked Records




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