Sanjay drops Mystical “Dive”

Deep within the sound waves, is an intense swirling mosaic of emotions and feelings that grip to the inner synapses of my brain. It is with these barbs of feelings that I’m first introduced to Sanjay and his new track “Dive”. It’s not every day that a newcomer blows me away with such ferocity.

In the simplest of terms, “Dive” is an indie electronic track that blends elements from the underground with tribal beats and haunting vocals, but it is so much more. Sanjay’s construction is a flowy, mystical wave with profound depth and complexity. The guitar wails like the Sirens of Greek lore, while the thump of the beat punctures the air and demands obedience from listeners. It is with these complexities that a unique, angular texture takes form. In other words, “Dive” oozes an atmosphere defining coolness that is quite enjoyable.

At the midway point, there’s a break in the sound, which allows for Sanjay to raise the intensity and besiege listeners with a thunderous barrage of piercing sounds. It’s this daring twist that highlights the talent and artistry of Sanjay and truly takes “Dive” to the upper echelons of electronic music.

To further build upon the meaning and story of “Dive”, Sanjay conjures a stunning music video that is influenced by his past experiences around the world. These include meetings with indigenous tribes in the Amazon rainforest, gypsies from Rajasthan, India, and Native American groups in the United States. He also drew inspiration from his transformative experience with healing ceremonies.

The music video features Oona Chaplin, who many will recognize from her role in Game Of Thrones, and the Huni Kuin tribe, which are an indigenous people of Brazil and Peru. In the video, Sanjay and Oona traverse through a spiritual journey in an arid desert landscape that culminates in both partaking in a ceremony held by the Huni Kuin tribe. The visual serves as the perfect backdrop to the vibrant sounds of “Dive” and further builds its world.

One crucial aspect is Sanjay’s call to action. He asks viewers to support and donate to The Boa Foundation, a nonprofit which serves an important role in Today’s society. They at the foundation, use their resources to work with indigenous communities to preserve and protect their culture, sacred lands, and wisdom.

To better understand “Dive” and its narrative, Sanjay provided us with the following insight:

“DIVE” is inspired by my own personal journey of diving deep within myself, to find strength. Sometimes you need to “dive into the darkness” to reach your inner light. I wanted the video to show what that journey looks like, especially as we had the privilege of working with such an amazing actress, and master shamans from the indigenous Huni Kuin tribe. Getting this cast was like catching a shooting star, everyone’s schedules aligned and we made some magic and lit up the sky.” 

To view the incendiary music video for “Dive” or to stream via Spotify continue to scroll down. To donate to The Boa Foundation, please follow the link here.




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