Satori Drops Chill Vibe In ‘Yellow Blue Bus’

Hailing from the Netherlands, Damian Lazarus unleashed another single on none other than label Crosstown Rebels, dazzling listeners with the vibe “Yellow Blue Bus.” The single represents a tease of what is setting up to be a highly-anticipated album, the full version to come out in April of 2022.

2 more singles will come after “Yellow Blue Bus,” so if you are enjoying what this one lays down, expect more quality goodness on the next works to follow.

Mysty and atmospheric, the writing on “Yellow Blue Bus,” is totally on point. Many elements came into place to ensure this reached the level of euphoria that we hear before us. It was recorded in Ibiza’s renowned Sonic Visa Studios, was clearly meticulously crafted, and embodies many of the sonic aspects we have heard on past Satori singles. Nothing was left to chance with this one and the sound radiates this aspect.

Santori shares more about the song:

“My girlfriend is from Russia. Her name is Karina and to say ‘I love you’ in Russian you say ‘Ya lyublyú Vas’. To memorise this as a foreigner, you basically memorise ‘Yellow Blue Bus’. So I decided to write a song about a Yellow Blue Bus but the bus is actually my girlfriend.”

Dive deep into the single below and follow Santori to not miss the upcoming music off the 2022 album.





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