SAYMYNAME & Henry Fong Join Forces Releasing New Track ‘Ragga Rave’

SAYMYNAME and Henry Fong join forces to produce their new single ‘Ragga Rave.’ This high-energy track is the artist’s first-ever collaboration, blending each individual’s distinctive sounds, to create a track full of heavy drops and good energy.

‘Ragga Rave’ has been categorized as a fan favorite after being played at previous live DJ sets. Due to acclaimed success with this song, the unexpected collaboration is anticipated to impress HardTrap music fans and professionals. The single is full of euphoric sounds and deep drops, making it a fresh new track for listeners. Both artists have expressed their excitement towards this project in recent statements.

“Ragga rave has been one of the biggest tracks in my sets! I’m excited to finally release this beast with my bro Henry Fong” – SAYMYNAME.

“Really excited to finally release this record! SAYMYNAME and I have been sitting on Ragga Rave for over a year waiting for shows to return, and can’t wait to get this one out there on Ultra Music!” – Henry Fong

This track is the first of many highly anticipated releases set to deliver this summer in preparation for SAYMYNAME’s Mayhem Tour in Fall 2021. This track has great chart potential, due to its unique blend of differentiating styles between both artists.





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