The fan-named Godfather of the genre SAYMYNAME unveils his brand new ELEVATED EP. Featuring a lyrically expansive A-side, and a heavily underground B-side signature of the producer, ELEVATED is SAYMYNAME at his best. In just two tracks, SAYMYNAME showcases his versatility as a producer and composer through sweet lyrics and skull shattering festival trap.

“Elevated celebrates my growth as an artist, and I wanted to show that through these tracks. Spitfire is a heavy bass record inspired by my traditional HARDTRAP sound. Alright gives fans a taste of a whole new side of SAYMYNAME they’ve never heard before. When Yung Pinch and I got in the studio, we talked about making a record that both of our fans would not expect! He wanted to experiment with some EDM, and I wanted more of a pop sound. We come from different sounds but our styles meshed perfect on this EP!” – SAYMYNAME





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