Seanyy Shares Groovy Debut EP Drive Thru

A blooming success story, Seanyy has been steadily rising this year, a result of his immense passion, hard work ethic and groovy tunes. Having already release a handful of bright singles this year, as well as received praise from dozens of digital publications, Seanyy is consistently staying active with his newly-launched Swerve Radio station (airing bi-weekly) and his debut EP Drive Thru. 
Serving as a Finance Officer within the US Army in Germany, balancing time within his work and music career has always been a challenge for Seanyy. With this new EP however, he undoubtedly proves to the world that he has what it takes, delivering 5 impressive tunes that are ready to shake your sound system. Drive Thru EP features already released singles “Be Like That” and “Memories”, as well as three fresh originals with “In The Club”, “Where Are We Going”, and title track, “Drive Thru”.

“It’s hard to put to words what this project means to me. I’ve been (trying) to make music now for around 5 years, and as I get older and more invested in my career, the time for making music in my make-shift studio starts getting less and less,” revealed Seanyy. “So that’s where this project comes in. This is the highlight of the hours of work I’ve put into music this year. Juggling my full time job in the US Army with my music is a struggle, but through the years has gotten easier — a sort of “battle rhythm” as we’d call it in the Military. This project is proof that if you set your mind to something, no matter what the circumstances, you can achieve it. Let me be the prime example of that.”

“The grind is real — and one thing is for sure: I will not look back on life with regret for not chasing my dream.” 




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