seeyousoon Drops 2nd Studio Album ‘HZLIKEHLL’ As Their Popularity Soars

Few have the phenomenon effect like 9 piece group seeyousoon does. Born out of the dark crevasses of south-Florida, the group has continued to see in uptick in shows, streams, fans, and overall demand with every passing release they’ve introduced to the world. The crew bring something different to the table and are quickly being recognized for it.

HZLIKEHLL is sure to add fuel to the fire. Their 2nd studio album showcases 12-tracks and boasts genres ranging from dance and hip-hop to pop. As group members jump from member to member on each song, a sense of anticipation builds as you are left wondering who will come next and what unique delivery will be showcased track to track. The group actually seem as if they genuinely vibe with one other, get along, and are simply relatable on a lot of levels. A down-to-earth atmosphere surrounds them, which is refreshing.

seeyousoon have plenty of accolades, showing the group is catching clout in a diverse amount of ways. They’ve been booked by the Ill Points festival, had a song included in a FIFA soccer game, and have multiple millions of streams to their name. If there is one group who will continue to go up, it’s seeyousoon.






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