Segan Makes His Presence Known With “In Your Arms”

Sam Segan, known as his stage name Segan, began making a splash in 2020 with his unforgettable remix for artist Tisoki. From there, a steady stream of singles followed as Segan established himself as an emerging talent in the drum & bass scene. His previous singles include ‘Champion,’ Attack Order,’ and ‘Don’t Play.’ 

The young artist will release numerous singles in this new chapter he declares, but “In Your Arms” is unlike anything fans have ever heard from the Los Angeles-based musician. For Segan’s expanding fan base, the quick tempo is nothing new, but “In Your Arms” provokes some deeper emotions through lyrical writing and music, further showcasing Segan’s strength and artistry. The track’s ravenous nature is the ideal complement to Segan’s already strong record, and drum and bass lovers wishing to liven up their summer playlists will undoubtedly like it.

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