Tiësto Puts Stunning Twist On DJ Snake & Selena Gomez’s ‘Selfish Love’

The smash hit that’s gone on to tens of millions of plays, “Selfish Love,” thanks to DJ Snake and Selena Gomez, has gotten a Tiësto twist that takes things to the next level. Let’s just say, there’s plenty to love on this one. Emotionally driven saxophone, somber echo effects, and a special sauce only the Dutch DJ can bring all comes into play to make this remix it’s own vibe. An eclectic balance of original samples and club friendly energy all connects fluidly to make something memorable and lively.

The remix here represents a juggernaut of talent putting the best parts of their capabilities smashed into one place, a bit each of their signature sound being noticeable as each section of this track plays out.

Tiësto easily earns the title of an A-list artist, having played some of the highest-class events possible from pretty much every globally re-owned festival globally, (Tomorrowland, EDC, Ultra,) to even the opening ceremony of the Athens Olympic Games in 2014, he’s an undeniable staple of of global electronic music. Dance music simply would not be the same without him.

Check out the epic remix below from this trio of talents.