SENNSES Release Enthralling New Single ‘Into The Jungle’

SENNSES’ brand new release ‘Into The Jungle’ feels more like an experience than a single. Featuring grand, building production and a stunning lead vocal, the worldly new record takes the listener on a journey that goes ‘Into The Jungle’ both thematically and sonically. 

“We wrote ‘Into the Jungle’ whilst in our 3rd Melbourne lockdown. At that point we were so frustrated, but also shocked at how people seemed to be turning on each other. ‘Into The Jungle’ is about escaping that place and running into the jungle (safe haven),” explained SENNSES. 

“Once we had the theme mapped out, we just dived in head first and started on production. Working on a song with the deep and dark elements of ‘Into The Jungle’ was so much fun creatively”

The duo worked with acclaimed producer and engineer Matt Bartlem to create the finished product of ‘In The Jungle’.

“Matt Bartlem co-produced the Lastings album that inspired us to start SENNSES. Working with him was pretty surreal and a reminder of how far we’ve come in a short period of time”