Seven Lions And Above & Beyond Unite For Ultimate Team-Up, ‘See The End’

Seven Lions. Above & Beyond. Two names which would ring a bell for anyone with even the most rudimentary knowledge of EDM. It’s not often that you hear names of this proportion collaborate. Even less often does the result end up blending the artists’ styles together. But, See The End, the first collaboration between these two and Opposite The Other is an exception. Exceptionally brilliant.

Melodic dubstep and trance aren’t genres that many find similar, but Seven Lions found a way to meld them together, as seen by his Anjunabeats single Higher Love and Ocean. His Seeking Blue EP featured the best possible example of his newly pioneered style, in Steps Of Deep Slumber, wherein he mixed trouse and melodic dubstep in a 6-minute beauty of a song. Above & Beyond, however, have remained firmly within trance, although their latest album, Flow State, delves into the ambient sounds.

When you hear this collaboration for the first time, you really don’t know what to expect, since their styles are both so versatile. You’ll be surprised, regardless of what it is that you expected. It’s a throwback to the early years of this decade when it comes to the lead, which is as gritty and full of substance as it can get. The chord progression is simple but memorable.

As for the genre, well, this one combines Seven Lions’ trouse and A&B’s more progressive style for 128 BPM drop, which is soon followed by a melodic dubstep drop at half the tempo. While much slower than normal melodic dubstep, the hi-hats on the offbeats keep the rhythm going strong, ending the song on a high, energetic note.

The tune also comes with an extended mix on Spotify, which is a bonus for those progressive trance fans out there. This song was placed as the ‘Melodic Masterpiece’ on the author’s weekly-curated New Music Friday playlist. Enjoy either version via the links below.




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