Seven Lions And Jason Ross Team Up Again For ‘Known You Before’ With Emilie Brandt

Few duos in electronic music work as well together as Seven Lions and Jason Ross do. They mesh seamlessly both in the studio and on stage, and they’ve now released their fourth collaboration together, this one featuring Emilie Brandt on vocals. Titled Known You Before, it’s a progressive trance banger with a melodic drop and a raw one too – something that would find a great home on Anjunabeats. However, this one comes via Seven Lions’ label Ophelia as the third single from Jason’s upcoming LP.

‘Known You Before’ was first teased in the early months of the year by both the producers during the Journey II tour. A quick fan favorite, its intricate sound design and stunning vocals are its two selling points. Although the mix played out by the duo on tour includes a raw intro bassline, the single released for streaming moves straight into the vocals.

Sitting comfortably in a dense atmospheric landscape, Emilie’s piercingly evocative voice sings the verses and the hook. The main melody is introduced almost as a change of instrument from voice to synth; the topline harmonizes beautifully over the saws. As the drop comes in, the most distinctive feature is by far the bassline, which is bouncy yet persistent. Reminiscent of Jason’s Anjuna tenure in tracks such as Through It All and Many Days, the bassline leads the melodic drop and the raw drop too – FX and special dubstep-esque are Seven Lions’ contribution but the pervasive bass is undeniably Jason Ross.

Known You Before’s artwork is in line with Jason’s previous couple of singles on Ophelia, all leading up to his upcoming LP, 1000 Faces, on Jan 24, 2020. It’s an album that’s likely to impress with its genre fluidity and elaborate sound design, if these previous singles are any indication. In the mean while, enjoy this huge collaboration in its own right.





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