Seven Lions Drops Solo Melodic Dubstep Smash, ‘Only Now’, Featuring Tyler Graves

Although Seven Lions’ 2019 has been among his best years of his career yet, the lack of solo originals released last year was noticeable; his classic sound epitomized by old-time classics like Worlds Apart and newer bangers like Calling You Home hadn’t been on display in its pure, unadulterated form. Rather, it was melded artistically with the styles of his numerous collaborators, from the likes of MitiS, Excision and Above & Beyond. This makes his first single of the decade also his first solo original since the release of his ‘Start Again EP‘ way back in August 2018.

The one-and-a-half year wait was more than worth it though, because the product, ‘Only Now’, has instantly made its way into the annals of Seven Lions’ best productions. With a vocal performance by up-and-coming star Tyler Graves and lyrics from the notoriously successful Karra, ‘Only Now’ flaunts electric arpeggios, reverbed piano and grandiose percussion that oversaw the melodic bass king’s rise to fame many years ago. 

The climaxes boast perhaps the most aggressively yet meticulously distorted growl you’ll ever hear, preceding a simple chord progression spiced up by the drops’ bouncy rhythms. To top it all off, Seven Lions acknowledges his trance roots with a four-on-the-floor nightcore-themed edit of the original chord progression. It’s everything you might have missed hearing from Seven Lions last year, conveniently packaged into three and a half minutes: the perfect way to begin the decade.

‘Only Now’ is just one among the IDs Seven Lions still has up his sleeve; still to be released and waiting to be thrust into the world are his HALIENE collaboration ‘What’s Done Is Done‘, and another vocal tune titled ‘We’ll Find A Way‘. As Seven Lions’ imprint Ophelia Records writes in their latest Instagram post, you must “prepare yourself for an unprecedented year of melodic bass”.




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