Seven Lions Teases 3rd Single ‘Stop Thinking’ From Upcoming Oct. 21st Album ‘Beyond The Veil’

“Stop Thinking,” is Seven Lions’ latest single from his upcoming album Beyond The Veil. The momentum couldn’t be higher surrounding this album, given the legacy the solo DJ/producer created in the wake of his career. The album is set to drop on October 21st, releasing on his own label, Ophelia Records, and is chalked full of vibes that unequivocally feel like Seven Lions.

“Stop Thinking,” features veteran singer Lights, who had her break in the last 2010’s with the album The Listening and tours with Owl City. The merging of the moods and theme that Seven Lions and Lights are known for couldn’t be a better fit. The single contains dramatic, sentimental moods while still maintaining a certain mysterious energy that leaves you wanting more of what you just experienced.

“Stop Thinking,” is the 3rd single off the album, with “Call On Me,” and “Every Time,” preceding it.

The pre-save for the album is now available, making it easy to be apart of this next saga that Seven Lions is undergoing.

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