Seven Lions Works His Magic On A Festival Mix Of Single ‘Let Go’

Fans are often surprised (and unfortunately many times underwhelmed) when an artist takes a step out of his/her own comfort zone to experiment with different downtempo styles. When Seven Lions dropped Let Go, a vocal ballad with Fiora, many loved the creative approach the song took, yet wanted a more upbeat version. And Seven Lions has delivered exactly that.

The Festival Mix of this tune (which was part of a 4 track EP with Fiora released in 2018) sees a similar, downtempo intro, but it ends on a miraculous progressive house / melodic dubstep combination of melodies and synths. Reminiscient of a previous single of his, ‘Steps of Deep Slumber’, in terms of the styles and sounds incorporated, this tune shows off a strong bassline along with some festival-prog-house leads, with a tinge of the metallic Seven Lions supersaw. As the song moves into half tempo, a slow feel to the melodic dubstep part complements the sentiments of the original perfectly.

Seven Lions isn’t slowing down any time soon, as he has just launched his brand new psytrance alias with psytrance artists Dimibo, called Abraxis. Their first headline show is coming up, as part of the absolutely stacked Dreamstate SoCal lineup.




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