SEXPAYS Drops 2nd Single, House-Laced Original Titled ‘BANGBANG’

SEXPAYS returns with what is his 2nd single from a fairly new project, “BANGBANG,” following up, “LOVE,” the two songs feature common cues between them that give greater depth to what SEXPAYS is bringing to the table. Overflowing with flavor and groove, “BANGBANG,” is winning over listeners with it’s jungle-like feel in the percussion and overall exhilarating energy. The all instrumental style of the release brings the attention toward all the small details that collectively platform what is great about the song. The single finishes out sooner than one would think, leaving the listener wanting more once the last beat passes.

SEXPAYS is a DJ/producer who seems to revel in anonymity and naughtiness. If you dive into his brand a bit more, you’ll see the person is pretty explicit and often blends in sex-imagery into the fold of what he does. With that said, sexiness within dance music is something that sort of innate to the experience. Perhaps SEXPAYS is on to something here.

At the core, the music is quality and so far is getting better with each passing release. That aspect is hard to beat. Dive into what “BANGBANG,” is all about below.




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