SHADED Releases Stunning ‘Holla Atcha Boy’ via DIRTYBIRD

Dripping with deranged exuberance comes a blistering two-track drop from Claude VonStroke’s DIRTYBIRD and one of my favorites from the label this year. The “roost’s” stylistic tendencies towards the whimsical twirling Tech-house and House gets stricken with a metallic synergy that births the two-track “Holla Atcha Boy” EP from SHADED. The bombastic underground act is one that truly knows how to spin a record that playfully flirts with the brain, enticing listeners to enjoy the vibrant journey through his mind. The drop of “Holla Atcha Boy” is the perfect sampling of his talent and ingenious intrigue.

SHADED has built a name through the underground stylings of electronic music. Often times, these labels bring forward bold acts, which go on to influence the grand productions of the commercial side of music including pop acts like Dua Lipa’s disco usage or Lady Gaga’s all-around sampling of dance music elements. It’s no wonder that growing through the underground leads to some of the best talents and inventive works. SHADED has shown time and time again that he is one of the brightest acts from the underground scene, backed by a sound and style that breathes fascination and seduction. It’s why he’s been a common site on tastemaking labels like Turbo, Senso Sounds, Octopus, and Jamie Jones and Lee Foss’s Hot Creations. Now, he brings his undeniable talents to DIRTYBIRD.

With his two-track EP, SHADED unveils an insidious exploration through an enterprising sound that pops with synthesized metallic fervor. The first song is the titular “Holla Atcha Boy”, which has the most natural DIRTYBIRD feel to it. The track rides a rumbling low-end that is absolutely incredible and is exactly what you want from a slow growling beat and complementary counter-punches. Surrounding it is a pitched vocal sample that rings out the title’s name, which is spirited with whimsy and delight, drawing comparisons to many past records on DIRTYBIRD. Behind these elements, is layers of extra bits of searing sounds like whirling synths, sharp hi-hats, and some screeching sirens. It all blends together seamlessly to construct a brilliant sound design with the right amounts of groove and intrigue.

The second song on the EP is “Velvet Clouds”, which offers a different side to SHADED and highlights his talents to weave together a cohesive sound while providing a distinct sonic playground. The record is much more about an airy, soaring vibe that transports listeners on a cloud through a galactic-like atmosphere. Similar to “Holla Atcha Boy”, there is a driving low-end that is nothing short of amazing that builds a platform for listeners to groove while enjoying the swirl of colorful sounds that envelope them. There’s a really beautiful synth line that dances over the inner-workings of listeners’ brains playing the role of Siren, pulling listeners into the depths of the record. Overall, “Velvet Cloud” is a dazzling and alluring record.

“Holla Atcha Boy” marks SHADED’s first appearance on DIRTYBIRD and hopefully not his last. Here’s what he had to say about the EP and joining the “roost”:

“I remember when ‘Who’s Afraid of Detroit’ by Claude Vonstroke came out. When I heard it I had to find out who it was, and that is what led me to DIRTYBIRD. Ever since I have followed the label closely, and have always had huge respect for what Claude VonStroke has done for the scene. The west coast dub and hip hop influences have always inspired me, so it’s cool to be able to release a record with them. I’m super psyched!”

SHADED’s newest EP is the perfect example of an artist that knows how to build truly great records with inventive sound design and enough depth that it’s impossible to be bored. “Holla Atcha Boy” is nothing short of amazing and the two-tracks prove that an artist can do something different, while bringing forward a cohesive and textured sound. It’s definitely time for all dance music fans to take notice of SHADED and his incendiary talents.

To stream “Holla Atcha Boy”, continue down or follow the link here.





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