Shaq’s Just Here For A Good Time, And We Love It

Did Shaquille O’Neal really just say he DJ’s for free? Sounds like it! The retired basketball player and serial investor has also delved into dance music in recent years and unlike other celebrities, he’s welcome.

During a recent interview with SiriusXM at Lollapalooza, Shaq mentions that people always asks him why he is DJing, he mentions that he isn’t getting paid and that he is doing it for the “sport” of bass music. Fan will rejoice at this as not all experiences with celebrities turned DJ’s have been pleasant. Shaq on the other hand looks to be all on on bass music and respects the game. It really is an outlier seeing Shaq DJ for free, whether or not this is true, we don’t know – however he certainly doesn’t need the money.

Known as DJ Diesel, he’s been quite present through the DJ circuit lately, playing Tomorrowland, Lollapalooza and Hard Summer in the past few weeks. Shaq says hes been DJing and experimenting with it since 1988 when he was a rapper, that didn’t ultimately work out but he’s clearly re-found his passion in DJing now. You can watch his full set from Tomorrowland and potentially become a fan!





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