Shizz Lo Drops New Set of Bangers on “Power Trip” EP

Promising bass up-and-comer Shizz Lo has dropped his brand new “Power Trip” EP, out now on Boogie T’s Drama Club Recordings. This collection features three high-energy tracks that showcase Shizz Lo’s potential for crafting festival-worthy bangers.

The opening title track, in collaboration with Sihk, sees the artists experimenting with styles and sounds. Hip hop number “Drippy” starts off unassuming but hits you with an absolutely massive drop. The closer with GHOSTER, “Down Lo” ends things on a frenzied high note.

“This Power Trip EP is the start of something brand new,” says Shizz Lo on the EP. “While staying true to my sound I also challenged myself and experimented with tons of new vibes and production techniques on this one.” This is one new artist I’ll have my eye on in 2021.




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