Swedish House Mafia May Pull Out Of More Festivals

After Swedish House Mafia unexpectedly cancelled their performance at Ultra Korea last minute, there may be more cancellations. While the initial cancellation in Korea was accredited to passport issues for Sebastian Ingrosso, news has come to light from various sources that puts future shows at risk of possible cancellation.

According to DJ Mag Germany, Swedish House Mafia are rumoured to have just signed a significant touring deal with promoter Live Nation that will see them head on a global stadium tour, and this would mean they have to cancel existing dates in order to proceed. Wether pulling out of these festivals is a condition is unknown at this point, but one things for sure teasing their fans will allow for even more demand. With the Swedish trio not playing Ultra Korea, one might say the anticipation for their solo shows in the country is even higher than it was before.

A stadium tour would allow for more budget and creative freedom for the stage design, so it could be a better way to see their return. The thought of cancelling all these future performance would however cause backlash as it would not please fans that have purchased tickets to some of the scheduled events specifically see them. The festival organisers of Ultra Korea provided partial refunds due to their cancelation and are not going to have a good time scrambling to replace them without loosing significant ticket sales.

Swedish House Mafia’s upcoming festival appearance planned including Creamfields, Tinderbox, Ultra Europe and many more with Tomorrowland also rumoured to be on their schedule. Whether or not this actually happens, we just want more Swedish House Mafia shows!

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