‘Should Have Seen It Coming’ EP An Exploratory House Journey By Franky Wah

Anjuna signed and with many years of album, EP, remixes, and originals trailing him, Franky Wah’s permeation of the progressive side of the global electronic scene is hard to miss. Franky Wah’s Should Have Seen It Coming EP nails many cornerstones of what can make an EP feel natural.

Therapeutic, progressive, and tech-influenced, the experience of all the works in tandem deliver an enhanced, intended effect. A strong vocal lead starts off the journey while house music serenades in the background. The EP moves forth to “The Last Sound,” and “91,” both exploratory and enchanting in their own right. “Boundaries,” strikes curiosity and mystery into the listeners hearts as Should Have Seen It Coming EP comes to a close. Attention-grabbing vocal intros to experimental and dynamic mid-way originals, Franky Wah holds nothing back.




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