Shy Martin Shares Stunning Evocative Ballad, ‘Slow’

Songwriters’ roles are often downplayed in the music industry, as they often lurk in the shadows while penning dozens upon dozens of radio hits. Although I can guarantee this artist is responsible for one of your favorite pop tunes, she’s ascended into the limelight herself having released songs under her own moniker, Shy Martin. Perhaps titles like ‘Forget To Forget‘ and ‘Good Together‘ are familiar; if not, give her newest a listen and you’ll find yourself searching these ones up soon after.

With her newest single, she returns to singing one of the most personal and genuine songs she’s written, titled ‘Slow’. An evocative and acoustic ballad, ‘Slow’ puts her angelic yet raw voice at the forefront of a feelsy acoustic mix, varying her rhythms ever so satisfyingly while crooning to ‘take it slow’. The fact that this tune comes in quite short at under three minutes is perhaps its only flaw.

Sure, the topic might be cliched, but Shy Martin’s authentic way with words is something to admire. In many ways, through her voice and her lyrics, Shy Martin draws strong parallels to one of pop’s strongest songwriters, Julia Michaels. The similarity is rather clear when you compare ‘Slow’ with some of Michaels’ most heartfelt tunes, including ‘If The World Was Ending‘, ‘Peer Pressure‘ and ‘Okay‘.

If this semblance is any indication, Shy Martin is bound to continue her meteoric ascent not just to the forefront of songwriting, but to that of singing too.




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