Newly Formed Duo ‘Sidejoke’ Go Deep With Debut Single

Hailing all the way from Naples. Brand new Italian duo ‘Sidejoke’ have debuted their new single ‘Dark Sides’, and what better way to do it than on respected imprint ‘Chill Your Mind’.

Having previously promoted artist such as Kygo, Camelphat, Zhu and EDX on to there Youtube channel. Chill Your Mind have being putting out a great number of releases in the last few months such as ‘Come With Me’, ‘This Moment’ and ‘Coming Home’. Sidejoke’s debut has already cemented itself as one of the better tracks on CYM.

With dark warm vocals, cutting edge chords and a deep melodic drop. It’s a guarantee that these two have a lot more quality material on the way.

‘Dark Sides’ is out now on ‘Chill Your Mind’.

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