Sigala Recruits Becky Hill On Summer Anthem ‘Wish You Well'

When you see Sigala and Becky Hill in the title of a record, you instantly know it’s going to be a smash hit. And that’s what ‘Wish You Well‘ is, a hit and potential summer anthem!

The production showcases each of the English artists talents, with a serious catchy instrumental by Sigala and yet another set of quality vocals from Becky Hill. When the track breaks down and the slow subtle build of Sigala’s melody is introduced, it’s worthy of goosebumps. The entire track has ‘feel good’ elements throughout its entirety and will definitely have you smiling!

Becky Hill has been on a role lately, with her collaboration with Weiss racking up the plays and her track with MK and Jonas Blue still doing the rounds - this new release will add to her ever growing quality discography. Sigala has just come off the release of his debut album and has now put out his first single of the year. With well over a billion streams on his album, Sigala really has made a name for him self and this latest release with solidify that.

‘Wish You Well‘ is out now through Ministry of Sound/Arista Records