SIHK Scores Another Victory With ‘Final Boss’

Hard-fought and ragged, clinging to your remaining lives, you’re finally there—the “Final Boss.” SIHK has synthesized that adrenaline, that anticipation, into a high-octane soundscape suitable for dethroning any big bad villain. Those first hits of sound confront the listener immediately—enough to make any gamer’s palms sweat. Couched in the aggressive sound are disarmingly pretty synths, echoing that mix of driving propulsion and cheeky charm so often at the heart of gaming music. Throughout his music, SIHK has built a world with sound, and facing you atop this world’s precarious peak is your “Final Boss”. 

It’s not the first time Sihk has explored video game soundtracks. Last year’s blistering and ravenous “Epic Side Quest” EP on Barong Family is the perfect example of these influences and the inventive refreshment they bring to dance music. Most recently, he took his video game gravitas to new depths and released a remix of the whimsical Animal Crossing song “Bubblegum K.K.” where he transformed it into a fiery Happy Hardcore banger. This foray into Hardcore stylings was born from the quarantine era and introspection into his musical purpose that has resulted in a bold, new outlook. SIHK had this to say on his musical direction:

“Happy Hardcore is my new style and I’m sticking to it. It came from the desire to do something more exciting that seamlessly blends with my previous bassier sounds.”

Many know Sihk from exhilarating and mind-assailant tracks like “Fever Dream” and “Brain Damage”. He juxtaposes that aggression with a delightful charming melody drawing from video game scores to bring us “Final Boss”, a fresh and exciting production transporting us directly to the fantastical lands of Final Fantasy — where this idea was born — and the gut-wrenching finale to triumph over evil. 

SIHK continued to say about “Final Boss”: “I made the track while playing, and the battle music in the game inspired me for the melody of ‘Final Boss. I tried to stick to the scale and chord progression of the game music.”

Final Boss is out now on Spotify via Barong Family, listen below!




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